Multi parameter measurement with all-in-one flowmeter

Pressure and temperature compensated flow measurement with built-in flow computing benefits plant safety


In utility and energy management systems, e.g. with steam boilers, changing pressure and temperature conditions requires the use of separate sensors as well as a flow computer to enable pressure and temperature-compensated flow measurement. For recording energy consumption, this translates into many different measuring points as well as increased procurement and installation costs.


Intelligent OPTISWIRL Vortex flowmeters with integrated pressure and temperature compensation as well as built-in flow computer offer an all-in-one solution in a single device. This leads to a significant increase in overall system accuracy, which benefits plant safety.

Safety benefits

  • All-in-one in one device for direct output of standard flow, temperature, pressure, mass, energy, gross/net heat quantity

  • Increase in plant safety: High measuring accuracy and reliability due to multiple measurements at only one measuring point

  • No losses due to changing operating conditions: high transparency and safety in the process despite changing temperature and pressure conditions

  • Enables targeted control of maintenance measures in the energy system as well as optimisation of the system in accordance with energy management according to ISO 50001

  • Reduced procurement and installation costs

  • Notification alerts can be classified from purely informative to device errors with failure current output (acc. to NAMUR NE107) 

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