Pipeline Tightness Monitoring

Effective detection of small and gradual leaks


Small and gradual leaks have an impact on pipeline integrity and can cause massive product loss and environmental issues over time. Regulations therefore require operators to take effective measures to detect tightness-related pipeline leaks.


PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring is a solution for the detection of gradual leaks using standard pressure and temperature instrumentation. The system is able to detect tightness issues involving product loss down to 0.04 l/m³ per hour. This is possible without time-consuming and costly detection procedures such as classical pressure tests where the pipeline must be filled with water. The KROHNE solution works with the actual gas or liquid in the pipeline, avoiding any negative effect on normal pipeline operation.

Safety benefits

  • Reliable identification of gradual leaks using standard pressure and temperature instrumentation (down to a product loss of only 0.04l/m3/hr)

  • Continuous and automatic reporting according to regulatory requirements

  • Avoids negative effects on normal pipeline operation

  • Data can be exported for further analysis

  • Easy retro-fit through variable interface (OPC-Server)

  • Approved by independent 3rd party authority

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