Ultrasonic flowmeter for high temperature gas and steam

OPTISONIC 8300 Ultrasonic flowmeter for high temperature gas and steam
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Wide measurement range
  • Integrated solution for massflow and enthalpy measurement

Due to the increasing cost of steam, accurate measurement is becoming increasingly important. As is prevention of energy losses that can be caused by a pressure drop in the steam line. By providing accurate measurement without pressure drop, the OPTISONIC 8300 provides an optimal solution.

Besides this the installation cost of a steam measurement system can be considerable. As the OPTISONIC 8300 provides a large measurement range and does not require recalibration, the installation can be simplified and costs reduced. For example since the flow sensor does not need to be removed, shut off valves and a bypass are not required. Also thanks to the large measurement range, a dual range measurement setup is not required.

Traditional steam measurement solutions need continuous attention and recalibration to guarantee proper operation. As the diagnostics of the OPTISONIC 8300 enables it to look after itself, it does not require any attention.

Even periodically recalibration is not required since the OPTISONIC 8300 provides excellent long term stability. Periodical verification of the proper functioning of the device can easily be done using the diagnostics as required.

With temperature and pressure inputs, the GFC 300 converter will calculate mass flow and enthalpy display in addition to volumetric flow. This omits the need for an additional flow computer.


  • Excellent long term stability
  • No recalibration required
  • Maintenance free
  • Diagnostics guarantee proper operation and support verification
  • Integrated mass flow and enthalpy calculation according IAPWS-IF97, using pressure and temperature input


  • Power plants
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical


  • Allocation of used steam
  • Custody transfer of steam
  • Turbine performance measurement
  • Boiler performance measurement