Electromagnetic flowmeters for industrial nuclear applications – POWERFLUX 5000

Solution in sandwich version with high-tech ceramics

POWERFLUX 5000 Electromagnetic flowmeters for industrial nuclear applications
  • Exceptional long-term stability and accuracy
  • Designed and tested for nuclear environments
  • With high-tech ceramics liner

The POWERFLUX 5000 is an electromagnetic flow sensor specifically constructed for radiation areas.

Al the used materials for construction of the flow sensor are selected and tested to meet the demands for the use in nuclear environments. With its high tech ceramic tube it provides an exceptional accuracy, long term stability and a broad chemical resistance.




  • Excellent long-term stability and accuracy
  • High-tech ceramics liner
  • Fused in-place Cermet electrodes
  • For highly aggressive and abrasive fluids
  • Fully vacuum-resistant
  • Constructed & tested for nuclear environments


  • Nuclear


  • Cooling water
  • Transport water
  • Borated water
  • Spent resin
  • Sea water