Ballast water treatment onboard a container ship

Flow measurement in ballast discharge neutralising systems

A major consequence of global trade is the transport of up to 12 billion tons per annum of ballast water across the oceans. This ballast water is important for maintaining the stability, trim and structural integrity of large marine vessels. However, taking in and later discharging ballast water can potentially transfer invasive aquatic species from one ocean to the next, which can negatively effect local ecosystems and biodiversity. The US Coast Guard (USCG) regulations and IMO Ballast Water Management Convention require ships to implement a ballast water management plan - to ensure that any organisms present in the ballast water are neutralised. Although it is possible to connect to port solutions for treatment of ballast water, it is more common that vessels will install their own fixed systems on board.


  • No moving parts, no maintenance and marine type approvals
  • Standard accuracy ±0.3% of measured value
  • Wear resistant liner