Quality and innovation

KROHNE is a global leader in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measurement technology, offering solutions for all conceivable industries. Founded in 1921 in Duisburg, Germany, KROHNE has its own factories and sales offices in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Because KROHNE invests a lot of money and time in research and development, the company knows how to constantly surprise the market with new products. Such innovations not only enable KROHNE to constantly improve products, but also to bring them to market more cheaply. In this way, KROHNE can easily respond to changing market demands, while always offering a tailor-made solution.

Wide package

KROHNE offers a wide range of products for measuring both water flows and other liquids in a variety of industrial processes. Especially in the field of flow measurement, KROHNE has a name in the water, (petro-)chemical and pharmaceutical markets, as well as in the beverage and food industries.

Within its range of flow meters, KROHNE distinguishes four main groups: float meters, magnetically inductive flow meters, mass flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters. 

KROHNE's magnetically inductive flowmeters are mainly used for measuring water flows at waterworks and in wastewater treatment. The ultrasonic flowmeters are also sold in the water market, although these meters are mainly intended for measuring non-conductive liquids, such as oil.

In addition, the company offers its customers a wide range of level gauges; possibly with float or radar level gauge or with the so-called TDR principle. But also analytical, pressure and temperature gauges.


When it comes to quality, KROHNE safely dares to state that it supplies the best measuring instruments in its field. For example, the products used underground can easily last 30 years and more thanks to special coating and welded seams. Another great example is the high quality two-wire magnetic inductive flow meter that can quickly save up to €800 on installation costs.

KROHNE offers its range of flow meters in a very wide range of sizes, for as many different speeds. The company supplies flow meters as small as DN 1. This small diameter is used, for example, in the beverage industry for filling bottles. At KROHNE, however, very large diameters up to DN 3000 are also no exception.

This is because the plant in Dordrecht has the largest and most accurate calibration facility in the world, which allows very accurate calibration of flow meters up to DN 3000. Thanks to this calibration facility, every flow meter from KROHNE can be provided with its own calibration certificate.