Safe measurements with KIWA approval

With the KIWA certificate, KROHNE responds to the increasing demand from the drinking water sector for the supply of safely applicable instrumentation.

For several years now, KROHNE's electromagnetic flow meters have been KIWA-certified. An extensive process was followed to obtain the KIWA certificate.

Some of the requirements to be met include that the products and materials that come into contact with tap water must not release any harmful substances into the water. Also, the materials to be tested must not give off an odour, taste or colour in concentrations that are harmful to drinking water users. The requirements and provisions are laid down in NEN-EN 14151-1.

The materials used must be corrosion-resistant and fit for purpose and may not cause corrosion of one or more of the other materials used. Even the noise detected when a water meter passes through is classified in a table during testing. The acoustic class is designated with an I or II.

KROHNE offers two KIWA -certified types of electromagnetic flowmeters: the OPTIFLUX 2300 and the OPTIFLUX 4300. The brand name KIWA is marked on the certified flowmeters.