Preventive maintenance

Product inspection services for long-term reliability of measurement instruments

  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs due to regular equipment check-ups

  • Performance evaluation for failure prevention, improved asset uptime and increased process safety

  • Standardised set of maintenance tasks performed by experienced KROHNE service engineers

At a glance

  • Standardised inspection procedures to prevent potential failures, unexpected downtime and costly emergency servicing
  • Regular maintenance to keep quality of instruments and readings up over the entire life cycle
  • The objective is to identify the necessary maintenance steps to ensure the continued functionality of the device
  • Service support to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements at all times
  • Carried out by a team of experienced service engineers
  • Effective assistance for a seamless repair and spare parts management

Your challenge

In-time identification of weak points in your installed base can significantly reduce the risk of instrument failures and unplanned downtime along with costly emergency service activities. That’s why regular preventive maintenance is key to keeping your process instrumentation up and running, ensuring high plant uptime.

Our service

To this end, KROHNE offers Preventive Maintenance as a core service to help customers check and manage the performance and health of their instrumentation proactively and identify potential weak points ahead of time.

Together with the customer, KROHNE service engineers determine the scope and depth of maintenance and carry it out in line with a standardised KROHNE service approach. Regular maintenance of the equipment makes performance restrictions predictable, identifies mechanical stress and eliminates potential weak points.

In this way, preventive maintenance not only contributes to higher process reliability, but is also an essential part of the product lifecycle management of a plant. Basic information is provided for maintaining the instrumentation in use, keeping it permanently ready for operation while reducing OPEX and CAPEX in the long run.

Your added value

  • Identify and eliminate weak points and quality decrease in measurement performance
  • Benefit from information for in-time replenishments of spare parts
  • Support for effective product lifecycle management
  • Utilise information on condition-based maintenance requirements
  • Operate your measuring points in line with industrial and regulatory requirements, e.g. in safety or custody transfer applications
  • Reduced OPEX and CAPEX due to increased process safety and integrity of installed base

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