14 jul 2022

New Rapid Spares Service for Pipeline Management Solutions

New Rapid Spares Service for Pipeline Management Solutions

Where storing spare parts for all vital system components is not feasible or desired, pipeline operators risk a prolonged system downtime, as the components may be affected by global supply shortages and delays in delivery. As full scope supplier of instrumentation and a manufacturer of Pipeline Management Solutions, KROHNE has access to large stocks of vital system components.

To support customers with fast replacements for failed items, KROHNE offers a Rapid Spares service that provides access to pre-defined spare parts for Pipeline Management Solutions. This even includes spares that need to be pre-configured to match the failed item, e.g. server components. Rapid spares are stored in KROHNE facilities for delivery to site on the next business day.

The Rapid Spares program also offers the flexibility for the customer to choose from different replacement options: within 3 months after arrival, the customer can decide whether he wants to keep (and buy) the spare, or return it to KROHNE.


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