17 sep 2020

New addition to vortex flowmeter family: OPTISWIRL 2100 for basic utility applications

  • Economical solution for liquid, (wet) gases, saturated and superheated steam applications
  • Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection (AVFD) technology for stable measurements with demanding process conditions from -40…+240°C / -40…+464°F
  • Flange and sandwich versions with optional integrated nominal diameter reduction
  • Remote option with converter installation up to 50 m / 164 ft from sensor

New OPTISWIRL 2100 vortex flowmeter for basic utility applications

As an addition to the OPTISWIRL family, KROHNE introduces the OPTISWIRL 2100. The new vortex flowmeter aims at basic utility applications in the process industries and is an economical solution for the measurement of liquids, (wet) gases, saturated and superheated steam where high accuracy is not required.

OPTISWIRL 2100 features the robust vortex technology of the OPTISWIRL product series and is also equipped with the Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection (AVFD) technology for signal filtering: it provides stable measurements even under demanding process conditions with medium temperatures from -40…+240°C / -40…+464°F, thus making it one of the most cost-effective vortex flowmeters in the market.

The 2-wire 4…20 mA / HART 7 device is available as flanged version DN15…300 / ½…12" or sandwich (wafer) version DN15…DN100 / ½…4". For a large measurement span even in pipelines with large diameters, a version with integrated nominal diameter reduction is available. For convenient on-site parametrisation and measurement reading, a remote option allows to install the signal converter up to 50 m / 164 ft away from the sensor. Approvals for use in hazardous areas are in preparation.

The new device adds to the OPTISWIRL vortex series as an economical alternative to the OPTISWIRL 4200. Advanced features such as pressure and temperature compensation, SIL 2/3 certification, heat quantity calculation, and fieldbus communications are only available with OPTISWIRL 4200.


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