Flow computer for custody transfer (CT) measurement

The SUMMIT 8800 is a digital flow computer for custody transfer (CT) measurements. Custody transfer compliant meters and flow computers for hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gas mixtures are required as part of the energy transition. The SUMMIT 8800 has specific H2 algorithms to perform these calculations and has been the first flow computer on the market to be fully certified by NMi for hydrogen applications.

Its full colour graphical touch screen provides a graphical representation of the measurement process, with all readings displayed in real time. Up to 5 different meter types can be combined in one flow computer, while still processing CT measurements within 0.25s. The SUMMIT 8800 communicates via digital, analog, serial and Ethernet interfaces to receive readings and diagnostics from the field transducers and analysers. All calculated values (densities, flows, totals, etc.) are available in Modbus format that can be read by any PLC, SCADA, accounting system, etc.



  • Compliant with all main international standards, such as OIML, ISO, API, AGA, GOST

  • Fully digital; no loss on accuracy due to analogue to digital conversions

  • Enhanced diagnostics with logging of preselected measured parameters

  • Modbus mapping & system compatibility (DCSs, PLCs, Supervisory, SCADA, HMI)

  • Advanced system integration incl. eReporting push, web interfacing and remote monitoring

  • Very short cycle time: down to 0.25 sec

  • Redundant operation in duty-standby configuration

  • Up to 5 CT or 8 non-CT multi product liquid applications per flow computer

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